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Cyprus Diving - A way of living

There are many dives sites dotted around Northern coast of Cyprus. These are mainly located in Kyrenia region and new ones are being discovered and added to the list often. Northern Cyprus boasts clear unpolluted waters with a visibility of 30 metres so you can be sure to have an enjoyable dive, whichever site you choose.

There are two organised dives each day; morning and afternoon. Morning dives are deeper dives planned for experienced divers. Afternoon dives are shallow dives for less experienced divers wishing to increase their underwater hours.

Dive sites have their unique attractions with abundance of marine life. For a relaxing afternoon dive, visit Lost where you have the chance to see turtles or sting rays or Mare Monte for the chance to come eye to eye with one of the many groupers who have made their homes among the rocks. Antique Shop, a cove guarded by a large grouper offers the chance to see broken pieces of amphorae collected by divers over time. For those of you who enjoy wreck dives, visit Zenobia one of the best shipwreck dives in the world with some great swim throughs or Wreck Site, the site of the oldest wreck ever found which is now displayed in the Kyrenia Castle museum. A more diverse site Chicken Farm has a large variety of marine life from moray eels to octopus and soldier fish and you can choose your depth from 10-40 metres depending on the reef you dive on. For the budding underwater photographer why not try Power Station, or Zeyko with their underwater mountains they provide an invigorating dive. Have the chance to feed the groupers at Fred with their much loved diet of boiled eggs or Octopus. For a truly exhilarating dive visit Zephyros with it’s huge reef and a drop off from 18-28 metres. The wall will satisfy the most experienced divers where you can see the 25m long steel chain with very old anchor attached and you may even catch a glimpse of the slow moving corb fish under the shade of the huge rock formations.

Please do not hesitate to put forward any dive site requests at the commencement of your stay. Our dive organisers always aim to cover a wide range of dive sites within a one week period. Dive sites will be chosen at random, usually on a daily basis and any preferences of sites can be discussed with the instructor who will do their best to accommodate your requests.

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