Cyprus diving

Need to know Facts
Cyprus Diving - A way of living

Geography :
Cyprus is located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, 40 nautical miles south of Turkey

Language :
The native language spoken is Turkish although English is widely spoken and understood.

Currency :
Turkish Lira

Visa requirements :
Visas are not required for full British Passport holders

Driving :
Driving as in Britain is on the left.

Mains output :
No travel adaptor is necessary as mains output is the same as that of the UK (3 pin, 240V).

Flights :
There are various options available for flights. Due to the easing of the political situation between the North and the South, it can now be arranged for you to fly directly to Larnaca in Southern Cyprus. From here we can arrange transfer by taxi to the North at an additional cost. The duration of the flight would be approx 4hrs and travel by road approx 1hr 30 mins to your Kyrenia accommodation. (Total journey time 5 hours 30 minutes).

Alternatively you are able to fly directly to Ercan airport in Northern Cyprus. However, due to border requirements, this involves a 45 minute wait in Turkey, but no change of aircraft is necessary. The flight duration to Ercan, including the 45 minute stopover, is approximately 6 hours. The transfer to Kyrenia takes approximately 45 minutes. (Total journey time 6 hrs 45 minutes.)

Food and drink :
Turkish Cypriot cuisine is relatively cheap compared to South Cyprus or Europe. A typical menu will consist of Meze (a traditional selection of hot and cold appetizers, Cyprus’s equivalent to tapas), a selection of homemade deliciously prepared kebabs, a selection of fresh fish squid and octopus, kiln baked lamb (kleftiko) and for dessert Ekmek kadayif (bread pudding). Dishes from around the world are also widely on offer such as spaghetti bolognase, fast foods, omlettes, pizzas and Turkish style pizzas or “lamhacun”. The local beer Efes is cheap and highly recommended or if you prefer why not try Raki a local aniseed alcoholic beverage.

Political :
The long standing political dispute between North and South Cyprus, although ongoing, has eased significantly. It is now possible to cross the border and take a trip to the south.

Climate, Air and Sea :
Northern Cyprus enjoys a sunny climate all year round making it the ideal get-away for every season. Northern Cyprus enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with long, warm and dry summers from mid-May to mid-October and mild and wet winters from December to February. The autumn and spring periods are relatively short in comparison to Britain’s. The sea temperatures range from 28 degrees in the summer months to 16 degrees in the winter months. (Even the latter being seemingly mild if you are used to diving off the British coast).


Please refer to the adjacent graph which displays air and sea temperatures for the island.


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